Egyptian Party!

4 February 2009
Egyptian Night at the JC, which basically means wearing anything you bought in Egypt and wearing more eyeliner that you ever have before. It was fabulous of course.
This is the Chelsea and the most beautiful Heidi. As you can see, I didn’t buy anything in Egypt but scarves pretty much, ok, and a couple bags of course. But for my Egyptian Night fashion, I created an outfit out SEVEN BEAUTIFUL EGYPTIAN PASHMINAS.
    four lovely ladies showing sweet Egyptian dance moves

   the mighty pharaoh… wearing his JC linens

moi and Allison, notice the eyeliner, love it

The most fabulous residents of room 410!

  Lauren and Nycole in their grand mumus of Egypt. You know I love a good mumu every now and then.
   Pharaoh and one of his lovely concubines
   the Egyptian party crew!

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