My Loves

14 February 2009

Today is the day to celebrate love. I am celebrating.…….

I love my dearest mother. I love her so so much. I wish I could hug her right now. I wish I was laying in her bed talking to her. I love how funny she is. She always makes me smile and laugh. I love her openness to the world. She never judges. She thinks the best of people. I love her bread. It is the most amazing. I want some right now. I love her house. It is home. I love being with my mamma so much. I love her so so much. She brings so much joy into my life. She wants the best for me. She sacrifices so much for me, and others too, always. I love how she loves me. She always will. I love her too. She is my most favorite person in the world.

I love my cool beans dad. He is one of the coolest dudes on the planet. He has made me life so good. He has taken me on so many grand adventures. He has taught me about what really matters in life. He is always there for me. He is a crazy schlumberger who has brought out the goodness in me. I love how healthy he is. I love his love for flax seed. I love that he is so domestic and such a good dad. He always takes care of me. I love his love for nature and the outdoors. I love how he has passed that love on to me. I have learned so much from him. I have so much fun with him. He sends me the greatest emails. I love this crazy ol’ man. I love my dad.

I love this sister Holly Girl. She is one of the most amazing people on the planet, honestly. I admire her so much. She does so much for everyone around her. She takes care of so much. I love being around her. I love her drop dead gorgeousness. I love the ring she let me take from her. I love how amazing she is. She is such an incredible mother and she impresses me every single day. I watched her give birth and it was the greatest experience ever. I had no idea how incredible she was. She never ceases to amaze me. Amazing and incredible are clearly good words to describe her. I look up to this dear sister of mine so much. I love her. I cannot wait be in her house again, eating vegetable chowder, laughing, talking, being happy.
I love Jordin too. He is such a wonderful person. How can you not like this cool dude? I love being around him because he is always optimistic and cheerful. He looks for the best in people. He doesn’t judge. He is not easily discouraged at all. He is so generous with money, which used to work out really nicely for me when he’d always pay me $20 for a five minute foot massage. Fun times. I love Jordin because he loves my sister so much. He needs Holly and she needs him. They have such a great marriage and they are so good to be around. I love the Keintz family. Jordin is a wonderful dad and a wonderful husband. He does so much good for the world and I don’t know what I would do if he weren’t around. We need his coolness in our family, big time. 

I love Stacy Girl. That Silly Sally is one of the world’s greatest sisters. I love how close we are. I love the fun parties we have in her tiny cottage. I love being able to always count on this girl for whatever I want to do. She is always there for me. I love always talking on the phone with her. I love watching her laugh. You know she has a good belly laugh. She cracks me up like crazy. We have such good times together all the time. She tells me what is wrong with me too and it’s funny. I’m glad she’s so honest in that aspect, because sometimes you need to realize where you can improve. I am so excited to be with her again. She is so important to me and I need her so badly in my life. What would I do without my Sally Girl? I just love her so much.

I love my most favorite brother in the entire world. Of all of the brothers in the world, this one is my favorite. I love it when he emails or calls me. It completely makes my day. I love his geniusness. What a smart boy that Jakey Bob is. I love fishing with my dear brother. He is one of the greatest captains and I love watching him. I love his Sigler mobile, and how he can pull it off like no one else can. I love going on adventures to haunted houses and taking old bikes from them with my dear brother. Jakey Bob is quite a cool dude. My life would have such a void without him. I love when he beats me up. It is pretty fun stuff. I like to try to do what I can to attack him back, but am usually uneffective. I love when he shoves nasty beef stick salami in my face at New Years. I have fun fun with dearest Jakey boy. I love little N Girl. Natalie Ann Keintz is the cutest little girl. She brings so much joy to my life. My goodness she is so cute. I can’t get over it. I am so happy she is in my life. I am so blessed that I got to see her come into the world. I love her big toe. I love her little haircut. I love how she’s a carnivore. What a crazy cutie patootey little girl. Oh my, I love her so much.
I love Baby Katy. Katy Lynn Keintz is the most precious and sweet soul that I currently know of in the world at this present moment. I love this little baby. I love holding her. I love watching her sleep. I love her little who nose. I love her baby fingers. I love her baby toes. I love my baby niece. I love my Carlita lobster. Carla is the greatest friend in the world. Honestly, she is the best. I love her so much. She makes me so happy. Every single time we are together is pure happiness. We are girl soul mates, bosom friends, best friends. I love how similar we are. I love how good she is to me. I love how we have stayed best friends even though we haven’t been around each other much for a long time. But everytime we are back together, it’s exactly like it was in elementary, and middle school, and a little bit of high school, and it is amazing. You don’t come across good friends like this every day. I love this beautiful girl so so much. I love me some Cala Cala.

I love Lilly. I love that she is the best roomie in the world. I love all that she has taught me. I love her charity, her generosity, her kindness for everyone. I love being around this dear Lilly girl. She is such a wonderful person. You wouldn’t believe how wonderful she is. I realize it more every day that I’m away. I miss being around this girl. I miss staying up late with her. I miss living with her. I love Lilly so much. I love her being my roomie. She is the best. I am so glad she has been in my life, because she has made it so much better.
Of course I love Robby Reeves too! How could you not love this cool kid? I love how happy he is. He is always content with whatever he haves and whatever he gets. He is happy with whatever life gives him. He wants others to be happy to. He always wants everyone to be happy. Rob is so good. I love him. I miss being around him. He makes me happy. I am so happy he is in my life. I love Robby Reeves, that crazy dude.

I love love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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