Friday the 13th!

13 February 2009

I love Friday the 13th! What’s with people saying it’s a bad luck day anyway? It’s the greatest day ever. And in the history of my experiences at the JC, it’s definitely the best night ever.

We had a Friday the 13th dance party/dress up crazy weirdo party. Carly, Lauren, and I did whatever we could to out hair, loaded up on the eye makeup, put on black shirts, and majorly rocked the genie pants. Uno word, fabulous.
What pretty girlies!
Aren’t you absolutely in love with genie pants?

I love dance parties. I love dress up parties. I love eyeliner all over my eyes. I love buns all over my head. Tonight was a good night.
Everyone looked so crazy good. Emilie is definitely included in that bunch of fabulous dressed/make upped people.

After the dance party was over, Nycole, Lauren, Chelsie, and I saw two fine boys with a flashlight on the search for a “cave.” So we foolishly and naively followed them. Clearly we were slightly frightened to be wandering around outside at midnight. This is us in the cave/place under the JC.
AHHH!!! We took a picture of the empty room to get some more light and there was a creepy man just sitting against the wall! We ran screaming up the stairs as fast as our little leggies would go.
Only to found out shortly after that it was Jeff sitting there like a creeper with a pillowcase over his head. Matt, Josh, and Jeff just wanted to scare some helpless girls that evening. They got us goooooood.
We went back to our room and I took all of my little buns out. This hair was the result.
Lauren and I decided we hadn’t taken enough pictures for the night, so we had a mini photo shoot in the bathroom. Fun fun.
Isn’t Friday the 13th the greatest?

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  • Reply smehts05 20 February 2009 at 17:53

    Oh my goodness your hair has gotten so long, and you are as beautifl as ever!
    It looks like you are having a blast. Keep it up, but stuyd….a little.

    Miss ya!
    Loves Leana

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