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Curse you, dairy.

15 January 2010
I feel sick.
My stomach hurts.
I ate popcorn with butter on it and do not feel good.
I would like to throw up.
I stopped eating dairy in July, and now whenever I eat it I feel sick. Dairy is why I kept getting stomach aches over Christmas break, because I ate so many yummy cookies full of milk and butter. But I’m glad my stomach can’t handle dairy anymore, because I don’t like it at all. Not at all.
With the exception of the dairy stomach ache, I had a delightful day, and an even more delightful night! I had a fun little party with these lovely ladies this evening and it was marvelous.

We drank yummy yummy delectable tea.
We ate quinoa.
We painted our nails.
We watched 500 Days of Summer.
We ate homemade popcorn.
And we talked, a lot.
I love these girlies.

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