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HAPPY Friday!

30 January 2010
Would you like to know why I am so happy today?
Because this is what my dear brother said about me.

He must really like me a lot. That makes me so happy! And I like him too. Yes I do.
I can’t wait for summer so we can hit each other and fish in the sea and scrub boats and trade music and eat yummy food and watch good movies and laugh and play.
I’m so happy I have such a good brother.
And I’m so happy he thinks I’m amazingly fabulous.

Now would you like to know why else I am happy today?

-I killed a big cockroach on the wall this morning, and didn’t even hyperventilate or sweat profusely.
-I went on a beautiful run on my favorite beach in Laie.
-I only had one class today and all we did was shoot 100 free throws. I only made 25. Oops. I’ve never really cared for basketball, clearly.
Anita came over and she, Stacy, and I watched Anne of Green Gables: the Continuing Story. I’ve been wanting to watch that one since watching the first two in Jerusalem, and now I finally have. This one was definitely not as good as the first two, but you still gotta love it. I need to read the books.
-I slightly resembled Richard Simmons.
-I heard screams and stumbles upstairs, to discover that Stacy had also defeated a cockroach. He was chasing her in our room, but she smashed him. Unfortunately is was with my favorite shoe.

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  • Reply shara 1 February 2010 at 01:53

    you do have a pretty amazing brother and he is pretty dead on about you, i must agree with him. but i am glad that you had a great day and hope that it continues.

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