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The Tenth Day of Christmas

4 January 2010

ten lords a-leaping
[the ten commandments]

Shabbat Shalom!
I love Shabbat, especially in Jerusalem.
It’s good here too though because I especially love the Homer Ward. This ward is the greatest and I looooove coming home to it! Sad to leave it soon, but excited to go back to BYUH 20th ward, a singles ward, with no screaming children. :)

Hung out at Holly’s all day today.
Played with her sick children. I love those girlies so much.
Made some crepes. Glad I don’t like those things.
Watched the Office. Haven’t watched it before. Interesting.
Put Natalie to bed. She said her prayers and said, “Bless people not to die. Bless the birds not to die. Bless Stacy to not fall apart.” and continued on to bless her mom, dad, sister, and dog.

I’m not ready to leave this wonderful family of mine yet. I don’t think I’m ever ready really.
I am excited to go back to Hawaii and school and everything though. It’s just so good.

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