7 April 2011

Hooray for batismos e confirmações!
The mission is so wonderful. Learning so many things, and learning how many things I still need to learn! It just never ends, which is fantastico!
There are ups and downs all through out the week, and the ups are definitely when we’re working harder. The harder you work, the better you feel (so let’s have beans for every meal)! 
Beans are still so delicious. And it’s like avocado season too, which means avocado smoothies! Whiich may sound not fantastico, but they’re pretty good. Açaí bowls are good too. I think I have a habit of talking about food a lot in every email, porbably because I email right before lunch. :) Oh blessed lunch. It’s like a sacred hour here. 

I just want to say a little bit about JOY. Because 2 Néfi 2:25, “men are that they might have joy.” 
Joy is our purpose. Nothing better than that! 
And I got some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mail this week, and oh my goodness, mail=joy. Muito muito obrigada to the Cottams and Sashie and Stephen and Holly and Stacy! Oh happy day, I love mail! And I love you all too. 
Something else that brings lots of joy… Sister Pickett’s cookies. They are heavenly. She is the mission president’s wife. That Picketts are soooo good. So are cookies. I miss cookies from home, but at transfers and conferences, Sister Pickett always brings cookies. Yay! 
And more joy… baptisms! People who are fully converted and will stay strong in the restored gospel for ever! 

Só alegria!

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