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14 August 2015


I love moose, and cats, and Chris.

14 August 2015

And I love getting home from boat washing before dark! So this picture has a lot that I love.

My sista Holly just surprised me with this cat watch! Turns out it doesn’t actually work. The second hand always gets stuck, so that’s lame.

While driving home from boat cleaning, just before our driveway we drove past a mama moose and her two big babies. So we reversed at top speed, I mean low speed, parked, turned off the car and watched them for a while, listened to them munch their greens, and it was great.

After that we came home and ate late dinner, watched part of a movie, and ate ice cream. I’ve been a little addicted to ice cream lately, oops.

This watch though, so funny. Cats are funny. Our little Piper kitten loves cuddling with our German shepherd, Edelweiss Edel cradle. It’s so cute.