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26 August 2015


Back to school, back to school…

26 August 2015

School has been back in session for a full week. I’ve been at Paul Banks elementary everyday a subbing in special needs, and it’s been pretty great. It’s been pretty tiring going from a full day at school to a night in the harbor, but it’s only temporary. I’ve definitely complained though! And I feel like I haven’t been able to spend hardly any time with Chris or my family. I’ve just been kind of drained and I’m ready for a true day of rest! Fortunately I had a day of rest, without any boats even, on the day before school started! Ah… Such a great day it was. I love to be home and free. School is a great place to be too. 

My first day of school I was kind of nervous and I didn’t know what to wear. :) But once I got to school, the teacher I was working with had an R2D2 shirt on, and I felt mo betta. 

Well I just fell asleep typing so I better slumber! Chris flew a float plane the other day and he loves to fly!  

I saw a little kid otter in the harbor the other day and hung out with it for 45 minutes! It was so cute. And I saw it poop twice, so that was cool.