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16 August 2015


Sunday flapjacks 

16 August 2015

I picked a load of fresh raspberries recently, thanks to my sister and a wonderful family at church, and yesterday I just wanted to make waffles to eat the raspberries with. :) Buuuuut Chris and I were up until 3:30 am on Friday night, making some travel plans, and so we didn’t wake up till like 11 on Saturday morning. And we had to go to the church just before 1 for some special training that was really good. So I didn’t have much time for a fun waffle feast yesterday.

So TODAY, my sweet mother’s birthday, I wanted to have a waffle feast for breakfast and have my mama over. But Chris and I worked on travel plans till 2:30 am last night, so I was pretty sleepy this morning. And my mom happened to be pretty sleepy too. So we did no birthday breakfast of waffles. So when Chris and I got home from church, our hungry bellies naturally desired waffles.

But when Chris found out we only have a random heart shaped waffle maker, and no nice Belgian flipper one, we resorted to pancakes. Or rather, FLAPJACKS.

We don’t watch tv much (but we watch plenty of movies and netflix), but once we saw a shark tank episode with Kodiak Cakes of healthy looking flapjack mix, focused on the old frontiersman lifestyle, with hearty ingredients and not just bleached fluff! Then we saw the product at costco and got our very own flapjack and waffle mix! Today was the first time we used it and it was great. Delicious and nutritious.
Christopher and I don’t cook together too often, and it was so great doing it today. We put raspberries in the flapjack mix, and that kind of ruined them. Chris was flipping one, and it was cooking weirdly and flopped on top of itself and he said, “Well, now it’s a burrito.” The raspberries made it like too moist or something. Anyway, then Chris got out the griddle to cook them on, instead of the frying pan, and as soon he turned it on, it smelled like fish… and scentsy. Weird.

We mixed new flapjack mix, just put in a few raspberries, and a little coconut too actually, and Chris successfully cooked them on the griddle thing. He even made a mickey mouse one which was a funny happy moment. I cut up some fruit and we got out the maple syrup and strawberry spread, and we made real whipped cream too. I got some old school magic hand beaters at a garage sale for $1, and Chris whipped the cream with that. We were going to use the electric ones, but could only find one of the beater inserts. The other one may have gotten lost in the drawer full of random utensils that don’t get used much. Chris likes when the drawers/cupboards are full of random kitchen stuff that doesn’t get used. Haha just kidding. :)He doesn’t like it.  I don’t like it much either, but I know where I stash all the stuff in the kitchen so it’s no prob for me Bob.

Our flapjack feast turned out great. Delicious and nutritious (before we added the syrup and whipped cream, but at least it was good quality syrup and whipped cream). Our Edel pup even got to enjoy a flapjack. I like saying flapjack. Edel doesn’t eat very much human food at all, just plenty of veggies like the ends of carrots, pieces of lettuce, or any other veggie scraps that I create while making food. She eats our leftover salmon too. :) Oh! And popcorn. When we make a huge stainless steel bowlful of popcorn to go along with a movie, I love throwing kernels or handfuls of popcorn to her.

Oh! One of best parts of our feast was flapjack baseball. We had two left and I threw them at Chris while he was loading the dishwasher. Then he threw one at me, which Edel ate. And with the last one we decided to play baseball with. :) Sunday fun.

Now I just finished watching Up, and it was so good. It’s been a delightful afternoon.