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3 October 2016


Babe’s nursery 

3 October 2016

Bel and I have been nesting. I love spending time in the baby’s room! I love reorganizing the tiny shoes, putting away diapers, and finding a home for all the tiny clothes. I love falling asleep in our perfect swivel, rocker, glider chair, and I love the Bel is loving the nursery time as much as I am. 
It’s still a work in progress. But I love being in here. I love our hand me down crib, all the things in the wall, and the dresser that my mom gave us. We still plan on painting the room, probably gray, and I want to make some driftwood ABCs for above the closet. 

 Before the room’s current state, I cleaned it up to this, so that the girls could stay with us for a week while their parents weren’t in town. 

And before that, it was like this. The past year+ that Chris moved his home office out of this room and out of the home, it’s never really gotten very cleaned out. There’s always been extra junk in it, and it’s been the catch all room for anything. The more space you have, the more you fill it, I suppose. I’m glad our house isn’t too big, and that we do work to not accumulate too much stuff. It’s all still a work in progress, but it’s progress!

Time for me to sleep now. I am subbing two days in a row of middle school intensive needs and I’m sure I’ll need some naps! And I’m 35 weeks pregnant. And it’s great.