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24 October 2016


one last Anchorage trip

24 October 2016

Anchorage is 220 miles away, or a four hour drive.

In the summer months, Chris and I make it up there pretty regularly to pick up visitors from the airport and show them around the Kenai Peninsula. In wintertime, we don’t need to go as often, and sometimes the snowy roads want to keep you in Homer. The roads were great though, and so was my Odie’s sandwich on the drive up. Also, super glad I wore my sweat pants in the car. img_3133

Anchorage has costco and the temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other than the airport, that’s why we go to Anchorage. Oh! And for our favorite Moose’s Tooth pizza. :)

A purpose of this trip was also to see one of Chris’s good friends, who was in Anchorage on a big layover of flying a cargo 747 from Hong Kong to AK. It was nice to meet him and hangout and spend time in a cool book store. And we all ate moose’s tooth pizza together with our other good Anchorage friends too. Success.

With a little baby arriving soon, we decided we needed to make a trip to Anchorage to go to da Lord’s temple and da Lord’s costco. ;) My dear mother took care of our animals for us, and so it was nice to not bring Edelweiss, though sometimes it’s really really great to bring her on our trips with us. There’s a hotel that allows pets that we stay at when we have her. But our car was so full of costco and target goods that we would didn’t have any spare room for the pooch. Since we didn’t have Edel, they gave us a non-pet room, which was great! We got Wendy’s frosties and ate them. Funny. Haven’t had a frosty in long time

img_3141My dear ol’ dad happened to be in Anchorage at the same time as us! He was at the airport for a few hours going from the slope (work) to California to be with my grandparents. Nice to see him! It had been a while since he’s spending most of his time not at work with his parents.


I just got paid from a bunch of summer work, so it was nice to have monies to stock up on our food storage and get some last things we needed for bebe. And I went to Value Village too, which is always excellent. I found some perfect snow boots and a great basket. I love baskets. And I love thrift stores.


Going to Anchorage = going to the temple, or at least it usually should. :) We helped out with some sealings, along with many other people, and it was really really great. So glad to have a temple in our state and just 200 miles away.



24 October 2016

October 17th.

I woke up at 2 am to pee. I wake up frequently to pee. But this 2 am wakeup was especially exceptional because I looked out the window to see beautiful snow fall! The white lit up the night, and I was excited for morning.

Chris and I got up probably about 8:30 or 9 and went for a lovely, snowy walkie with the animals. They were pretty happy about it too! Chris and I ate some snow and enjoyed the quiet stillness that snow brings.

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I really love our morning or evening or afternoon walks. Our pup Edel is a lot of work, and in general, the animals wreak a level of havoc on the house, but I love being outside with them. If we didn’t have Edel, I would most likely spend much less time outside, which wouldn’t be good. And the cats… they’re so funny when they follow us on walks, and when they bolt around the trail or on the dead trees. Our walks are definitely a high spot of everyday.



And the snow… it makes everything so beautiful!

Funny picture of Piper in perfect Halloween cat form.


And my little Piper and I, the kitten who made my dreams come true, and now she’s the kitten the keeps me from dreaming…. she doesn’t have the same sleeping schedule as we do and expects to go in and outside through the window as she pleases, which disturbs our slumber. I guess she’s just helping us prepare for a newborn babe that will soon arrive. Thanks for looking out for us, Piper.


Here’s to high hopes for some good snow this winter.