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9 October 2016


Chris, Cats, and 36 weeks 

9 October 2016

Sunday. I’m 36 weeks pregnant. It’s still pretty dreamy to me and I love it. The baby moves around a lot – my midwife described it as breakdancing on it’s head. I love feeling and watching him or her move and drum around in there. Sometimes it is a steady beat and totally seems like drumming. My lungs and bladder are getting increasingly squished, so I pee a lot, especially at night, and sometimes I breathe heavier than normal. I still feel good and healthy and am staying fairly active, but I wish I was doing more regular exercises. I’ve gained 30 pounds the past 8 months and my belly seems to grow everyday. :) I like to lay down when I can, and subbing a couple days in a row last week was hard for me haha. I didn’t even get to nap at school! I guess that’s normal though, but I remember taking naps  in my kindergarten class back in 1994.

We had nice church meetings today. Sacrament meeting was enjoyable and the songs we sang were so lovely. Sometimes I sing the hymns in portuguese because I just miss that Brazil land and people and it takes me back to so many fond mission memories. Brasil Vitória <3.

After church, Chris and I arrived home with the usual post church hunger, nothing like those fast sundays though. :) I took this nice picture of him playing xbox Star Wars and waiting for rice to cook. I love that Bel is nestled up in the clean sheets and Edel is hanging out by the driftwood pile. Funny. And Chris’s concentration on his star wars games is comical sometimes, and annoying at other times haha. But usually not annoying.

Lately the cats have found a new place to nap. The crib. Bel is in there a lot and Piper recently discovered it. It’s a nice place where Edel can’t reach them to munch away at their fur. 

Speaking of Edel, she and I have had some good hangout time lately. We hang out at home together, go on walks, and we went to the beach to collect driftwood a couple times this week. My patience can get very short with her sometimes, but she surely is patient with me. Very patient. And she’s funny – any time she hears me chomp a carrot or slice an apple or open the fridge to take something out, she’s right there, ready for me to toss her some scraps of produce. Funny girl.

Last night at the beach with honey husband. I love this picture.

Cats… crib… again…

My big belly at the beach the other sunny day. This was the first time I had been to the beach in a while, and I was nice to have such glorious weather while there! Edel looooved swimming and chasing a big stick in the water. And I managed to bend over and gather lots of good driftwood for a nursery project that I hope to complete for babe arrives.

Cats… sleeping…

Dinner! I was doing a one time boat cleaning and got home kind of late, so Christopher had dinner and Blue Bloods waiting for me when I arrived. How wonderful. I had to take a picture of the happy moment.

And the harbor, the day I cleaned a boat at 8 months pregnant. It was worth the monies and quite nice to be in the harbor again. It was so quiet and peaceful and I just listened to stuff, talked with Edel, and scrub scrubbed.

I gotta go pee again and then I should probably brush and floss my teeth and start slumbering. Over and out.