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30 October 2016


el halloween weekend

30 October 2016

I  wish you could see the live photo of our sunday evening family walk. It cracks me up and my belly looks huge, because it must be pretty big in real life.6caf477f-34f7-416d-8670-fa3a8aed5d3d

I enjoy Sundays. I enjoy going to church and setting the Chelsea reset or refresh button on life and self. I love seeing family and friends there. And today I really enjoyed the sacrament meeting talks. I didn’t enjoy sitting on the pews for 3 hours, since I’m heavy with child, but oh well. I can’t lay down everywhere and that’s okay I guess. I’m excited to have our little baby and take it to church and have it be blessed and take care of he or she. I think more people are thinking baby is a girl now, but a few weeks ago there were more boy votes. We don’t really know or have a preference. 

Sooooooo, today is October 30th, which means it’s my sweet Natalie girl’s birthday! She loves animals, Piper included. She’s so funny and curious and asks great questions. She’s helpful and compassionate and likes hearing old stories. This girl made me an aunt 10 years ago and I love her very muchly.6e66323e-7a34-4167-8b2e-f9f6e0553a45

After church today, Chris and I went to family dinner/lunch at Natalie’s house. We made her a card, gave her a jar thing of bean boozled, and her very own can of whipped cream to eat whenever she wants. :) My nieces always get ribs as their birthday meal, so that’s what we ate today. Everyone loves them! Except me, I’m not a big rib fan and usually just have a teeny tiny bite to participate and to eat a bit of meat.

Chris and I came home and had the usual sunday sleepies, so I put on the Addams Family and we took nappies. His nap lasted for most of this weirdo movie, and I missed a few parts. What a bizarre story and kooky family, this Addams. But it’s October, so we must be festive and watch such things. 


As always, the cats napped it up too, and cuddled, then stretched out. Precious.

img_3363 img_3369

Then came our family walk with the beautiful sunset, and then my honey boy, Christopher Robin, finished painting the baby’s room that he started yesterday. Nice to have some fresh paint! We painted, I mean Chris painted, I didn’t do any painting… anyway, it’s painted FOG aka light gray. Bold, I know. I love our white walls in the house and now a bit of gray is good too.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tonight and added a bunch of mediocre christmas movies to our netflix watch list. Halloween is almost over and I’m ready for the Christmas season! Hopefully we…. I mean Chris… will get our lights up outside tomorrow.

Tomorrow I get to put the nursery back together! I love that room. We’re taking natalie girl to a birthday lunch tomorrow too. And I need to do some visiting teaching and deliver some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. :) And then it’s FHE and Halloween! Not sure what we’ll do… maybe go out trick or treating with the nieces. Or maybe watch Casper. What a classic. Or maybe we’ll watch a couple hours of Blue Bloods like we often do. Or maybe I’ll go into labor. Who knows! I do hope our bebe isn’t born on Halloween, but sweet babe knows when is best. 

Last niiiiight was the ward Halloween party. It turned out super great in my opinion, and I’m happy happy that it’s over! I do not like being in charge of stuff. I’m totally good helping out from beginning to end, taking orders, giving suggestions, doing whatever, but I’d definitely prefer to not be in charge. So, I’m glad the Halloween party is over and I don’t have to overstress about it anymore. Everything turned out pretty great, except for a poor little boy who was jabbed in the eye with a sword. I guess it’s necessary to write “no weapons” on the flyer now… Also, kids maybe filled up with cupcakes and candy, which parents might not enjoy too much. But the chili cook off was great, the costumes were great, the carnival activities seemed pretty good, and the turnout was really great. Hoppy Halloween!

And here’s my Wilson and Mr. Castaway. I love our costumes. <3