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28 October 2016


38 weeks 5 days

28 October 2016

Same ol’ stripes around here. Stripes seem to be my signature color of pregnancy, and of course this nifty to plaid Sherpa flannel that keeps me warm.

Currently I’m annoyed at the dog’s barks. We have a bunch of new neighbors and some new neighborhood dogs that Edel barks with and it’s super annoying to me. Anyway…. I still like her. And I’m so grateful she gets me outside and walking and such. But I don’t want her to wake a sleeping babe with her barking sometimes.

Speaking of sleeping baby, our little one keeps moving around quite a bit and I still love it. I love being pregnant. It’s the best. I love it.

I don’t really love that my pants have been ripping lately, but I just sew them up until they rip again. :) It’s mostly the inner thigh that keeps ripping, I guess because they’ve been so well used haha. Especially now that I only have a few pair of pants low enough and stretchy enough to work for my pregnant body. I tried on some maternity jeans at target a couple times and they didn’t work for me, so still going strong with the regular pants, when I have to have pants on at least.

Today I’m writing thank you cards for all the loving baby gifts we’ve received, and I’m listening to Christmas music! TIS THE SEASON. Well it’s not quite Christmas music season, but whatever. It is definitely pumpkin pie and pumpkin chocolate chip cookie season.

It’s also Halloween season. We’ve got our ward Halloween party tomorrow night that the youth/youth presidencies are in charge of. That’s been plenty of work for me and I’ve over stressed, but oh well. The party will be grand and I look forward to mine and Chris’s costumes! Stay tuned to see how precious and Halloweeny we will be. :)

ALSO Chris is famous. Proud of my Chris the aviator.