Bugs. Goliath. Samson. Caves.

9 February 2009

Wiiiiicked long field trip today, called the Shephelah FT. We left at 8 am and didn’t get back until 6. But we went to where Samson of Samson and Delilah were, and we went to the spot where David and Goliath happened, and we went to sweet caves, and crawled through caves. Oooh, and I bought little I ♥ Israel colored pencils. But not only that, but I got some excellent pictures of bugs here in the Holy Land.

pretty little baby flower
Marianne and I. I love that amazing girl. Behind us on the hill was where Samson lived, and he would come down to where we were and party it up. This is in Beth Shemesh.

I miss flowers in my hair so badly, but I’ve always got the parrot earrings. They never let me down.

Big ol’ ant carrying something pokey to the green.

another ant carrying the goods

weirdo bug with antlers/pinchers
Millipede! Ah!!!

just chillin’ in some ruins in the Sorek Valley I think, that Samson probably chilled at too


Next stop: Lachish. more ruins. This is me and the most lovely Cate.

Stefanie Tanner, another amazing JC-ite


in a chalky cave tomb thing

gotta love those cave photo ops

cool peeps posing it up
So at this place, there were these signs hanging in the trees, and I don’t understand their purpose.

more weirdo freaky bugs

huge creepy beetle… ahhh!!!

heart carved into the chalky cave

I love trees.

At the Bell Caves, where we stood in a circle and sang hymns. I love that hymn singing.

more cave posing… what good looking boys.

There was this random Mona Lisa thing, so I just had to stick my face in there. Cool beans eh?

Next we went to the Valley of Elah, where the David and Goliath story took place. “Now this man was giant.”

I love wrists.

Stefanie building the Goliath statue so that we could fling rocks at it with our little slings, just like David.

At Micah’s cave… crawling through little passages.

Then there were all these pigeon holes after going through the passage way. Thanks to my sista sista for the flashlight by the way. It was a life saver.

Then you we had to climb up the wall with the help of pigeon holes and fine young men… kinda scary.

Here’s Jayne! The last part of our spelunking adventure involved shimmying out on our backs in the tiniest little passage way ever. It was slightly frightening, definitely. It’s called the birth canal.

After I successfully made it out of the birth canal… yay! So happy to see the light of day again.

That spelunking in Micah’s Caves will most definitely make you a wee bit dirty.

Yep, we’ve got some laundry to do.

We have the coolest field trips around here. I loved going to where David and Goliath happened. It was way cool. I loved being where the Philistines came back and returned the Ark of the Covenant. I loved taking pictures of bugs. I loved the I ♥ Israel colored pencils I bought today. I loved Brother Wilson guiding us around and bestowing upon us some of his great wisdom. I loved crawling through the caves. I loved playing with the coolest peeps all day. And of course, as always, I loved coming back to the JC.

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