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Happy emails from Brother!

29 October 2009

 I got a very lovely email from Brother today. Twas nice and long even had pictures! I miss Jakey Boy quite a lot and wish he were here in Hawaii with me instead of in New Jersey. He goes to dental school in New Jersery. Wow. My bro is in dental school. Impressive. I’m so proud of that brother of mine, who in a few years will be referred to as Dr. Jakey, or Dr. Jakey Boy, or maybe Dr. Owens, yeah, probably Dr. Owens. Anyways, I just wanted to write and say that I like my brother. I’m so lucky to have a cool brother like Jakey Bob. This was the last picture we took at the airport right before we sent him off to New Jersey land. Sad day. Twas quite sad when he left, but Christmas is coming in two months! Which means not only snow, Alaska, home, family, Christmas trees, winter wonderland, but I’ll also see Jakey boy! 

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