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4 November 2014


November 4th

4 November 2014


Tuesday and Thursday evenings I play volleyball for a couple hours with various wonderful community members. I am so grateful for it. I love playing volleyball and I’m grateful for the exercise and for a well functioning healthy body and grateful that I know the community volleyballs schedule!

Also I’m grateful for the right I have to vote! Thank you to so many who have contributed to providing me with the freedoms that I have. So grateful to be an American and an Alaskan. :)

I hung out with my mama today and it was lovely. I love her so much and I love who she is and how she influences me. Today at her house I saw these two cool old pictures of my grandma with her in-laws and of my grandpa’s mother, Ethel. Really neato. Grateful for pictures. Forever grateful for pictures. They preserve and share so much.IMG_9675 FullSizeRender-1

Also, I found this old can of beanz today in this house we’ve been cleaning out. Cool. Vintage beans. :)IMG_9670

On my way home, I stopped at my sista’s house, and my niece Natalie was drawing the beautiful beautiful pink sunset. I am so grateful for Natalie and how she brings out the best in me.

IMG_9682 IMG_9684

And when I came home, my darling husband had dinner waiting for me! Perfect burritos. I’m so grateful for our food times at the table and I’m so grateful Christopher is my dear companheiro. <3<3<3