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18 November 2014


November 18th

18 November 2014

Today was a hard day. Lots of crying.

As much as I like free play time, it’s really good and really important to work. The past month I haven’t really been working. Somedays I go a little cuckoo and don’t know what to do with myself and the time I’m given. At other times I really really enjoy the time I have to make quality food, play piano, blog, go on walks, make smoothies, keep the house clean, make our home more lovely. I’ve been able to do some lovely things and I’m grateful for that freedom.

I’m substitute teaching now and I still have freedom, but I also have the blessing to do quality work and to make some monies. I’m reeeeal grateful for that. It’s working out well.

Anyway, today I was struggling with useless thoughts of purposelessness and purposeless thoughts of usefulness. It was hard. But our loyal furry creatures and my lovely caring husband and family made me feel much better. I’m so grateful for these souls.

FOTOS. At the end of my day, I decided to go read with the girls, since they are full of light and love that rubs on me. :) I took the Little Prince to read with them. Katy fell asleep, and so Natalie and I just kept reading and talking on the top bunk. It was so good and happy. We talked about baobabs and all sorts of other things. Also, pictures of my precious nephew that come to my phone throughout the day make me happy and grateful. I love my family peeps.