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21 November 2014


November 21st

21 November 2014

Happy 11 month anniversary. <3

Today has been a good day. I loved being a Chapman school. Loved it and I’m so grateful for that. The past two days I’ve overheard some funny quotes.

IMG_0361I’m grateful for our car, that has no car payment (because I think that’s silly). It faithfully gets us from here to there. And it’s nice and comfy and a perfect size and the gas mileage is decent. We don’t really call our car by name, but at the beginning I thought maybe we could call her Blanca, but it hasn’t stuck, in case you were wondering.

I’m grateful for the Boxcar Children Movie and blog time in front of the heater. :):) I like cartoons. Apparently Edel likes them too. IMG_0373I’m grateful the we live so close to family.

Grateful for the yummy dinner we had a fat olives with Mama tonight. I haven’t been there in forever. Good eats, and I’m so glad Mom was there with us. And we even saw my brother in law and nieces and their friend there too. Funny.

I’m grateful for warm showers, and a world full of people. IMG_0370