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30 November 2014


November 30th

30 November 2014


Tis the last of my daily gratitude posts.

I’m grateful for this great blog journal and blessing to record and remember and share my thoughts and experiences.

Today at church I was sustained as the new Young Women president for our ward. How exciting and happy. :) I’ve been serving in YW since I got home in May, and it’s so great to have a purpose of helping the girls. This is going to be great.

Chris and I also had tithing settlement with our bishop and talked about our temple recommends so we can be sealed in December. I am grateful for tithing and for the blessing to give fast offerings. Giving is great. I’m grateful for our bishop’s words and guidance and the inspiration of the spirit. Oh! And I’m grateful we were on time to church today. We’ve been doing good yay.

This evening, Chris’s friend Richard came over. I’m grateful to have him in our lives. I went over to my mama’s house and helped her move stuff. I’m so glad she lives so close, and my dad and sister too. It’s so nice to have family around. I stopped at my sister’s too and that’s always pretty good. She always has snacks for me to eat hehe.

When I got home, the elders called and asked if I could go on a visit with them. I’m grateful I said yes because it was such a great and rejuvenating visit! Yes yes yes.

Here’s one of my only pictures from the day. Chris took it as I was sleeping, apparently with the cat on my head. haha. IMG_0641

I am grateful for my life and for who and how I am. I always have more progressing I want to do in many areas, but I feel like I’m on a great path in many aspects of my life. And I’m grateful for the people and forces who have helped me on my journey thus far. I’m grateful for my testimony and that I know God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit love me and want me to have joy. I’m grateful for the promptings and guidance I receive to help bring me that joy and allow me to share it with others. So grateful to have the family I do. They’re the best for me.