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20 November 2014


November 20th

20 November 2014

Thankful Thursday and today I am most grateful that Chris made me go to volleyball! Note to smelf: I love playing volleyball. GO PLAY.

Today I subbed as a librarian/intervention teacher at Chapman School. LOVED IT. It was really good and I’m so glad I said yes to the job. It’s like a twenty minute drive to Anchor Point. I went to Chapman for kindergarten, first, and second, and it was great being out there and with the kids and staff. What a great school.

I’m grateful for my school days. What great experiences. In elementary I was in quest with Mrs. Ladd, and I did lots of library stuff with her. I loved my time with her. Anyway, my library days came in handy today as I labeled a bunch of books and organized the library. It was a really good and valuable school day for me. So grateful for how it’s working out. Say yes.

IMG_0336I’m grateful I followed the spirit and went to the sign language class at the church. Good to learn and good fellowshipping and a good time with beloved people. I felt like I should go, and after trying to talk myself out of it, I just went. And it was good.

Our kitty Bel pooped on the living room floor. LAME. I was playing piano and smelled poo, and then I saw it. My honey husband came and cleaned it right up like a champ. And that motivated me to clean the kitchen and unload the dishwasher after three days. :) I love our life, kitty poop and all, and I’m grateful for the life Heavenly Father has blessed us with.