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5 March 2010

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5 March 2010
Anita and I got this email today:

Please stop by my office at BYUH Security on a matter now pending. 

Helaman M. Ka'onohi 
Assistant Manager of Security 
Brigham Young University Hawaii

We climbed on the roof a few days ago, just for kicks, just to reminisce about the good ol’ days when all us Dead Tree friends got up there and star gazed, but now….
there’s a camera right that spies on you, and it got a nice little picture of me and Anita girl (not the one below by the way. We took this beauty up there ourselves.)
So we had to go in and talk to security and pay a $20 fine and say we won’t climb on the roof again. Funnnnnny! But to my fellow students at BYUH, don’t get on the roof of Little Theater. 
Not only will you get an email from security, but you’ll also get one from Honor Code that says this:

Aloha Chelsea,
Please come into the Office of Honor ASAP to meet with one of the advisors.
Cody, Assistant 
Office of Honor

We definitely had $20 worth of fun though. I'd recommend it.