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25 March 2010

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Meet Stacy

25 March 2010

This is my sister. Today we are celebrating her day of birth. What a beautifully joyous day. I love birthdays so much. I love sister too.

Here is a random list of things I love about my sister dear:
-her good belly laugh
-her rocking back and forth and knee slap when things are especially humorous
-her shuffle, both of feet and of shovel
-her good aunty-ness
-her compassion for animals and people
-her spider/cockroach dreams
-her hearts
-her playing dumb about computer things so I’ll do them for her
-her blogging
-her curry and her potatoes :)
-her cottage love
-her sporting her new sunglasses
-her musketeerishness
-her pebbles hair
-her toe
-her on top of it – ness
-her family devotion
-her books
-her m&m love
-her dinosaur
-her eyebrow raising
-her timeliness
-her products and supplies she lets me steal
-her attempt at accents
-her in her blue aloha work shirt
-her sharing acai with me
-her beach dedication and love
-her being called boy
-her muted side of the closet
-her cockroach killing skills
-being able to do everything with her
-and I especially love her love for me

I just love this girl so much. I think I love her more than I realize. It’s so nice seeing her everyday. It’s so nice going to bed with my last words for the day being, “Goodnight, love you.” Things are just so good.
Hoppy Birthday Sister Dear.