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23 March 2010

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best spring break ever

23 March 2010
My bestie friend Carla boy came here to Hawaii for her Spring Break. I don’t have a spring break, but I skipped so many classes while she was here that it was practically like I had no school! We all had so muchos fun. I really miss that girl. He’s oodles of pictures of the fun we had.

Carla boy got here Sunday night. Yay! We are little boys in this picture.

A week of sleeping three people in two beds. It’s kind of awesome. Kind of not.

Monday was my birthday! I went to one class and skipped two. We were happy about that.

While Carla was here, we did cartwheels…

and heel clicks…
We picked flowers…
and posed with them…
and we did some posing without them.

We took pictures at bus stops…

and in abandoned buildings.

It was a very happy birthday thanks to my loved ones.

Especially when I got to make wishes. I love that.

The next day we had another very lovely photo shoot.

So glad dear Sister was here for this one.

Quite happy Carla was there too.

Then came St. Patrick’s Day! We played on the beach…

and explored Chinatown…

stopped at Pearl Harbor for a few minutes…

and found a super awesome Goodwill. I love that place.

Thursday commenced with an early morning barefoot hike into the mountains. How lovely.

Around midday we went the fabulous Polynesian Cultural Center, along with some cross dressers who we discretely took this picture of as they were behind us.

That evening we made some spectacular cookies. Thank you Mother dear!

After going to one class on Friday, Carla and I went on another barefoot hike through the jungle…

where we jumped off a rock into a cascading waterfall. Yay!

Went to the movies that night too. I like movies.

Adventure Saturday! The Three Musketeers and our two movie star friends did the Makapuu hike.

C Dawg and I spotted some sailboats!

Stacy spotted some pools of water that we need to go further explore.

We did some Waikiki action too and ate way too many chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Sunday we churched it up of course and I took Carla boy to the airport that evening. Sad to say goodbye yet again. Why do we always have to say goodbye? I miss that girl a lot. But at least I’ve still got the other musketeer here with me.