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30 March 2010

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Palm Sunday!

30 March 2010

This day is so much more special to me since a year ago, when I got to do the Palm Sunday processional walk in JERUSALEM, on a hot hot sunny day, with thousands of other devoted Christians.

Just as Christ’s followers did 2000 years ago, we carried palm leaves and walked from Bethphage to St. Anne’s church inside Lion’s Gate. What an incredible experience. I’m just so blessed to have learned and enjoyed all I have with such good people.

I talked with Bishop after church today. He is so so wonderful. So inspired and guided by the spirit. Was so comforting and encouraging talking with him. Talked to him about some good Relief Society stuffs and also… about going on a mission, which I’m doing this fall. Crazy. But so good. So exciting.

Also had a super fabulous vegan feast party with the neighbors and fellow vegetarian type peoples. Absolutely lovely. Hopefully we’ll have another one next week for Easters!

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