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Meet Stacy

25 March 2010

This is my sister. Today we are celebrating her day of birth. What a beautifully joyous day. I love birthdays so much. I love sister too.

Here is a random list of things I love about my sister dear:
-her good belly laugh
-her rocking back and forth and knee slap when things are especially humorous
-her shuffle, both of feet and of shovel
-her good aunty-ness
-her compassion for animals and people
-her spider/cockroach dreams
-her hearts
-her playing dumb about computer things so I’ll do them for her
-her blogging
-her curry and her potatoes :)
-her cottage love
-her sporting her new sunglasses
-her musketeerishness
-her pebbles hair
-her toe
-her on top of it – ness
-her family devotion
-her books
-her m&m love
-her dinosaur
-her eyebrow raising
-her timeliness
-her products and supplies she lets me steal
-her attempt at accents
-her in her blue aloha work shirt
-her sharing acai with me
-her beach dedication and love
-her being called boy
-her muted side of the closet
-her cockroach killing skills
-being able to do everything with her
-and I especially love her love for me

I just love this girl so much. I think I love her more than I realize. It’s so nice seeing her everyday. It’s so nice going to bed with my last words for the day being, “Goodnight, love you.” Things are just so good.
Hoppy Birthday Sister Dear.


  • Reply Stacy 29 March 2010 at 19:22

    That is so nice Chels, I’m smiling ear to ear! :)
    You’re the bestest sister a girl could ask for…. seriously.
    I love living in Hawaii with you and having so many adventures with you.
    Maybe neither of us will ever marry and we’ll be living together like this when we’re old, graying grannies. :)
    Love you sister.

  • Reply Marianne 30 March 2010 at 15:05

    this was really sweet and makes me wish i had a sister

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