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Passing Over

31 March 2010

Twas Passover today (and pretty full moon). I didn’t really celebrate though. It’s not as easy celebrating Jewish holidays when you’re not living in a Jewish state.
I surely had a Passover feast last year though. I even sang Hebrew songs and read translated Hebrew stories too. How awesome is that.

But today I read in the New Testament about Jesus and his apostles’ Passover feast. That night was His last night before he was crucified, the night He suffered for every pain and every sin and for every person in the world.
So blessed that I got to go to Jerusalem and study these stories on site, where they happened about 2000 years ago. So blessed.

Wish I had some sort of Passover party today. All I did mostly was go to class. Nutrition, soccer, and peacebuilding. I maybe did a little bit of homeworks/hdub today too. Not the most eventful Passover, but still a good day of course.

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