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5 December 2016


Sleep when the baby sleeps. 

5 December 2016

The advice I received most for having a newborn is to sleep when the baby sleeps. The dishes will wait. Vacuuming will wait.  But you need your rest. So sleep when the baby sleeps.

I’ve been doing a decent job at that. The first few days Chris had to make me sleep when the babe was snoozing, but now it seems to be better as long as I can sleep in with Apollo. Lately we’ve been getting up about 10 or so.

He’s sleeping for two hours at a time at night between feedings. I feel like all day and half the night all I do is breastfeed. He eats quite frequently! Not unlike myself though haha, always looking for a snackie.

Sleepy now.

Here’s a bunch of pictures Chris has captured of me sleeping with my Apollo boy from the beginning. 😍

And my favorite, a picture I found on Chris’s phone from last night. Oh sweet. We fell asleep for watching a movie and stayed like this for a couple hours. I love my cuddle boy.