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10 December 2016


More Firsts for Apollo

10 December 2016

First time in an airplane, at three days old. Chris was excited to take his little buddy to the airport and show him the airplane he flies in. 

First Thanksgiving and first time meeting uncle Jake. 

First aurora show! At four days old we walked Apollo out in the driveway in the middle of the night to watch the northern lights. Quite magical. 

First (and maybe last) time in the little green monster suit. :)

First books received in the mail. They’re thoughtfully from our friend Danny! First time reading Love You Forever. 

First time blasting poop on to the wall. 

First time to the Nutcracker Faire! I love it. But he got hungry on the five minute cat ride home. And he got really upset and it made me sad. 

And his first time to the Nutcracker  

First time to the bagel shop. He liked it. Duh!

First Christmas concert. It was Paul Banks elementary’s and really cute. My niece, Katy, invited us. Auntie Holly and grandma both held Apollo through it and I missed him. 

And HIS FIRST BATH. He’s the cutest and sweetest. ADORABLE.