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30 December 2016


Last day in Alaska

30 December 2016

I am so thankful for little Apollo, in case you didn’t know. He’s the best and these past weeks with him have been the best. 

We’re getting ready to leave home for January, and here’s some photos from the last day. 

I totally play dress up with him sometimes. How could you not? These overalls don’t fit him yet, but so cute! I love how he’s looking up at me in the picture. 

We went out on the town, aka we left the house, and visited my Mom at work and went to my sister’s house. 

Apollo was so cute and smiley while visiting grammy!

And at my sister’s house, we had a great time hanging out with everyone and playing with the girls. 

Natalie and Katy sure love their baby nephew. We played uno attack and Katy pretty much held sleepy Apollo the whole time. 

Going on a trip means we have to leave the animals, which is sad. :( Chris and Apollo and I want to do lots of wanderings, but it’s always sad to leave home and the animals. Fortunately we have a good friend staying at our house for us and we are so grateful for that!!!

And a little extra something to brighten your day… haha Apollo is so precious. And this picture of him sort of reminded my mom and I of this princess bride (and clueless) movie star. Funny.