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27 December 2016



27 December 2016

Oh how I love the Christmas season! It’s especially better having Apollo around, because he’s so adorable and makes everything mo’ betta. For Christmas Eve we went to three parties, clad in our Christmas sweaters of course. First we spent a few hours at my mom’s house with my family and a couple friends. My family loves having Apollo around and we love being around all of them too. Then we went to a couple houses of our friends and family like friends from church. We played games, ate yummy food, and lastly watched It’s a Wonderful Life.


Chris did some good Santa Claus work on Christmas Eve and we woke up to full stockings and extra presents under the tree! Christmas morning was a little atypical with getting ready for church instead of busting out to the tree and making present piles, but it’s a magical time no matter what.

It was wonderful singing Christmas hymns at church and hearing talks about the Savior. When we came home, we spent a while with Apollo helping him become calm and content again, after an upset stomach or something, and then we watched the Nativity video. I love the church’s Bible videos.

Also, LOVE our stockings from my mother in law’s causing. Love them. And I love my olive wood nativity from the Holy Land. And our cute little peg people family too! Thanks Kirsten!


After opening each other’s great presents, we took the best family nap yet. It was so good that I had to pretend I was napping a take a picture. :) Seriously good nap though. Unfortunately when Apollo and I finally got up it was like 5 pm and dark though and sort of felt like Christmas was over.


Here I am sporting a few of my favorite gifts! My sweet mama bear shirt (which I am wearing for the 3rd day in a row, but I have washed it), my new leggings, my unikitty socks, and my Brazil necklace with a heart on it that Chris had some portuguese engraved on! We gave and received some excellent gifts this year.img_5051

Here’s our pebble people (and pets) from my sister Holly. We love it! Chris and Chelsea and Apollo and Edelweiss and Bel and Piper. So funny.img_5037

And here’s some Christmas aftermath. We did get the house mostly cleaned up yesterday whilest listening to the Moana soundtrack. The tree and lights and few decorations are still mostly out, but all the wrapping paper and presents are put away. img_5023

And Chris got me an instant camera! Fujifilm instax mini 8 or something, and I LOVE IT. And here’s a picture with our best Christmas gift this year, precious little Apollo. I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH. I CAN’T KISS HIM ENOUGH. He’s the best. So cute. I’ll go on more about him later. :)img_5049